Communication skills training

Effective communication skills are a core skill for clinicians and a key element of cancer care but one in which few health professionals have received much formal training

A range of modules to support health professionals have been developed by *National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre to implement evidence-based communication skills training. These modules are relevant for all cancer types.

The way a clinician and the treatment team relates to, and communicates with a patient can significantly benefit the patient and their family, including improvements in psychosocial adjustment, decision-making, treatment compliance and satisfaction with care.

Communication skills training modules 

Communication skills training modules includes a summary of the relevant research and guidelines about how best to address issues when communicating with patients with cancer.

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* On 30 June 2011, National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) amalgamated with Cancer Australia to form a single national agency, Cancer Australia to provide leadership in cancer control and improve outcomes for Australians affected by cancer.