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Cancer Australia websites


Cancer Australia features a broad range of websites which include guidelines, cancer guides, reports and fact sheets, as well as many other useful resources.

  • Breast Cancer Risk Factors: provides up-to-date evidence-based information on over 63 risk factors for breast cancer. 
  • National Cancer Control Indicators: national data across the continuum of cancer control in an interactive format.
  • Children’s Cancer: provides easily accessible and evidence-based information for families and carers of children with cancer and the health professionals who care for them.
  • Australian Cancer Trials:  enables people with cancer to find out what cancer clinical trials are currently available in Australia; to learn about types of cancer treatment and supportive care and, find trials relevant to them.
  • Cancer Australia: The Statement -  Influencing best practice in breast cancer: a website comprised of both static and dynamic information relating to 12 practices that have been identified as appropriate or inappropriate for the provision of breast cancer care in Australia.
  • Breast Cancer in Young Women: information relating to breast cancer for women under 40.
  • Breast Cancer in Men: a website for men with breast cancer, their families and friends and anyone else who would like to know more about breast cancer in men.
  • Consumer Involvement: practical tools to assist CEOs, Executives, Service Managers, Health Professionals, Researchers, Policy Makers and Consumers to actively engage with consumers around a shared focus and vision.
  • Consumer Learning: a suite of learning and support initiatives to enhance knowledge and skills in partnering with researchers to conduct quality patient-centred clinical trial researcha 
  • Cancer Learning: a comprehensive library of cancer education and professional development resources for health professionals working in cancer care