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Having realistic expectations about breast reconstruction

It is important to be prepared for what to expect after breast reconstruction. This includes having realistic expectations about what the reconstructed breast(s) will look like.

73091712_8.jpgAdvances in breast reconstruction procedures have resulted in some outstanding aesthetic results; however it is important that you have a realistic expectation
of the likely outcome of your breast reconstruction surgery. Things to be aware of include:

  • individual breast reconstruction surgeons use different techniques, which can have different results
  • the way the reconstructed breast(s) look, feel and move will depend on many things; this includes the type of breast reconstruction procedure, the
    breast reconstruction surgeon’s surgical technique, and how well the body heals
  • there will be scars from the mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgeries.
  • a reconstructed breast(s) and nipple(s) will not have the same sensation and will not produce milk
  • reconstructed nipples will not change in size with changes in temperature.

Some women are disappointed that their reconstructed breast(s) do not look, feel or move the way they did before. It can be difficult for women to adjust
to their reconstructed breast(s). This can be an emotional process and will probably take time.

"I've spoken to other women that have had the procedure and you know what to expect, and it was very uplifting for me."

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