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Tips and stories

You may find the following suggestions from women who have been treated for breast cancer helpful.“Live in the present as much as possible – the past cannot be undone and the future is unknown; many of our fears might not happen.”

“Live your life as fully as possible and carry out the activities that give you the most joy and meaning.”

“Recognise that you have control over how you react to situations, even if you cannot control what happens to you.”

“Learn to accept your negative feelings such as anger, sadness and resentment – this may help them to pass.”

“Focus on relaxing – find a good relaxation tape.”

“Keep a journal about your experiences – this will help you understand and express your feelings.”

“Take part in breast cancer networks and newsletters – this may help you feel that, through your experiences, you’re helping other women in a similar situation.”

“Try to keep your sense of humour – even though it can be hard at times!”

“Part of my recovery was that I had to give something back and I wanted to make the journey smoother for others.”