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Talking to colleagues about breast cancer

Whether or not you stopped work altogether during your treatment, or took periods of time off for treatment, you might wonder what to tell your colleagues when you return to work again. If you’re returning to the same job, it’s likely that your manager or colleagues will be aware of the reason for your time off. However, this isn’t always the case.

Tips for talking to colleagues about breast cancer

The following tips may be helpful when considering discussing your breast cancer experience at work.
  • Who would you have talked to about personal issues that have a bearing on your work before your diagnosis?
  • Who needs to know about the possible effects of treatment on your performance?
  • Who needs to know about your absence or potential absences?
  • What positive impact on your relationships might a low-key approach to letting others know have?
  • How might your colleagues be concerned about your health and performance with or without knowledge about your treatment for early breast cancer?

More information about returning to work and cancer

The Cancer Council NSW has developed a comprehensive guide about work and cancer that includes information for employees and managers. More information.