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Friends and breast cancer

Friends are often an important part of your support network. You may have friends who have supported you throughout your breast cancer journey, or new friends you have made along the way.

During your treatment, friends who have not experienced cancer may have found it difficult to know what to say or how to help you.

This may be the same once treatment is over. Telling friends when you feel down, and asking them for help when you feel tired or unwell can help them understand how they can support you better.

Some women say that they lose some of the support that has helped them through their cancer journey once treatment is over. Friends may not call as often because they think you’re now ‘back to normal’. Or they may say how well you’re looking when really you still don’t feel great. It’s important to keep sharing your feelings with those close to you, including any fears or concerns you have. This will help you move forward at your own pace.