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Relationships after breast cancer

Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer can have a significant impact on women and those close to them – partners, children, family and friends. It’s likely that a range of people supported you through your cancer journey. Supporters may have been partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues and other women with breast cancer. If you live alone or if you don’t have supportive family or friends close by, you may have found support from a local community group or neighbours.

Apart from ‘being there’, support comes in many forms. Supporters, especially carers, have their own information and support needs. Women who have completed treatment often speak of the difficulty of relating to those who care about them and for them. While there may be no lack of good intentions, there may some frustrations. Keeping the lines of communication open is important. You’re all allowed to have bad days – no-one should feel guilty if they need a ‘time out’.

This section provides information to help you and those close to you understand the impact breast cancer may have on your relationships even once treatment is over. It includes information about and for partners, children, friends and colleagues.

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