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Life after breast cancer

Many women look forward to finishing their breast cancer treatment and getting on with life. However, for some women, the end of treatment can be a confusing or worrying time. Some people feel nervous or upset at the thought of no longer seeing members of their health care team regularly. Others feel worried about what the future holds.

This section is designed to answer questions women may have once treatment is over, including what follow-up tests are needed, how to stay healthy and common feelings when treatment is over. Every woman’s journey is different. You may have questions that are not covered here. Use the website as a starting point to find other helpful sources of information.

Whether you finished treatment 6 days, 6 months or 6 years ago, we hope that you and those who have travelled your breast cancer journey with you will find this information helpful. The information is also relevant for women who are still taking a hormonal therapy for breast cancer. Women who are still having treatment for early breast cancer may also find the information useful.

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