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Questions to ask

You may want to ask your doctor (GP) and the breast diagnostic service some of the following questions.

    If your doctor (GP) recommends that you need some tests at a breast diagnostic service:

    • Will I be having the having the triple test?
    • I believe there are three tests involved. Can you explain them to me?
    • How are the tests done?
    • Who does the tests?
    • What will the tests show?
    • How long will each test take?
    • Are there any risks related to having the tests?
    • When and how will I receive the test results?

    When making your appointment with the breast diagnostic service:

    • Does the service meet current service standards (e.g. the Standard of care for breast diagnostic services)?
    • How long will I be at the breast diagnostic service?
    • Can I bring a friend / family member with me while I have the tests?
    • What are the costs? Do I have to pay on the day?
    • Do you have any advice about transport or parking?

    When making your appointment, it will help staff at the breast diagnostic service prepare for your appointment if they know whether you:

    • need an interpreter
    • would prefer a female to examine your breasts rather than a male
    • have any mobility restrictions
    • have any other special needs
    • are on any blood thinning medication.

    At the breast diagnostic service:

    • What will I be doing during the tests? (e.g. lying down, sitting up, dressed, undressed?)
    • Will I be dressed in my own clothes during the tests?
    • How will I feel during / after the tests?
    • How long will I have to wait between tests?
    • Am I able to eat or drink while I’m waiting between tests?
    • When and how will I receive my test results?
    • Who will tell me the results of my tests? When will this be?
    • What happens afterwards?
    • When will my doctor receive my test results?

    Communicate your needs:

    You may want to you tell staff at the breast diagnostic service if you:

    • feel worried, concerned or anxious
    • have any pain that might be made worse if you are in a certain position for some time
    • feel cold or uncomfortable if you are not wearing your usual clothes while waiting to have the tests.
    • wish to ask further questions