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Breast cancer won’t wait

One in nine Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Finding breast cancer early provides the best chance of surviving the disease.

You don’t have to be an expert or use a special technique. Take the time to get to know the normal look and feel of your breasts as part of your daily routine, for example, while showering, dressing or looking in the mirror. Knowing what is normal for you will help you to detect any new breast changes.

It’s never too early to start being breast aware and it’s important to keep up the habit, even if you are having regular mammograms.

Changes to look for include:

  • a new lump or lumpiness, especially if it’s only in one breast
  • a change in the size or shape of your breast
  • a change to the nipple, such as crusting, ulcer, redness or inversion
  • a nipple discharge
  • a change in the skin of your breast such as redness or dimpling
  • an unusual pain that doesn’t go away.

Nine out of ten breast changes are not due to cancer – but see your doctor to be sure.

If you find a breast change that is new or unusual for you, see your GP without delay.

Find out more about what you can do to find breast cancer early.