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Women with breast cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can come as a huge shock and many women may feel fearful about their future.

It is important to remember that a diagnosis of breast cancer does not mean that you will die. Treatment for breast cancer is improving all the time but it is important to remember that early detection is vital to surviving breast cancer.

Some women also experience a sense of shame and isolation when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. Your family and friends can be a great support to you through this but they need to know what’s happening. So sharing your thoughts and feelings is very important and can help you cope with your breast cancer diagnosis.

There is a range of treatment options available to you and you should talk to your doctor about these. It is also very important to remember that you should continue with your treatment even if you are feeling healthy.

Please click on the links below to activate the video presentations. These videos were produced by National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre*.

These videos may contain images of deceased persons.