Who we work with

People affected by cancer are central to Cancer Australia’s cancer control efforts. Cancer Australia will continue to foster collaboration and engagement across the health system, build the knowledge base in cancer and seek to shape the effectiveness of cancer control programs and strategies at a national level.

Cancer Australia aims to minimise the impact of cancer in the community by working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders and partners in cancer control including: government; other health portfolio agencies; state and territory governments and cancer control agencies; funders of cancer research and researchers; health professionals and their colleges; non-government organisations such as Cancer Councils; consumer organisations and people affected by cancer.

We use the advice and information gathered from consulting and working with these stakeholders to develop our programs and inform policy recommendations.

Our work is guided by Advisory, Reference and Working Groups which ensure our outcomes are relevant and have the input of national and international experts.

The following links provide an overview of other cancer organisations and agencies with responsibilities for cancer control. It is not intended to be a complete list.