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資料表 婦科癌症

An overview of gynaecological cancers including types, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and finding support.

檔案名: ca_04_15_-_gynae_cancer_factsheet-zho-tw.pdf
檔案大小: 306.7 KB
癌症類型: 子宮頸癌 | 卵巢癌 | 子宮肉瘤 | 陰道癌 | 外陰癌
出版物受眾: 受癌症影響者及其家人與朋友 | 面向衛生專業人員的資源
年份: 2013
文件狀態: 當前

This resource has been developed, reviewed or revised within the last 5 years.

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