Active consumer engagement

Active involvement of consumers in the planning and establishment of the Cancer Service Networks (CanNETs) across Australia is pivotal to the success of this program.

In addition to consumers being involved at the national level, each jurisdiction involves consumers to guide the development of their local cancer service networks. This strategy will help ensure that health care providers are focused on addressing the needs of people affected by cancer, particularly those in rural areas.

Consumer involvement is a key element of cancer service network development. The following resources can be used to guide this work.

CanNET Consumer Survey

Cancer Australia, in collaboration with the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia, commissioned a consumer survey of cancer care to examine the perceptions and experiences of people directly affected by cancer (CanNET Consumer Survey). This includes both those living with cancer and those who care for them. 

The objectives of this assessment were to:

  • gain a snapshot of the perceptions and experiences of cancer service delivery across Australia from those affected by cancer, and 
  • inform the cancer care sector about current strengths and gaps in cancer care delivery in order to build strategies to strengthen the delivery of cancer care across Australia.  

The report’s recommendations are summarised under the following strategic headings:

  1. Increase the use and effectiveness of care plans
  2. Improve quality of services
  3. Improve the comprehensiveness and quality of patient information materials
  4. Improve access to care that is supportive by enhancing existing emotional support services to assist the person with the diagnosis of cancer to cope with fear, stress, anxiety, isolation and depression
  5. That cross-jurisdictional agreements be developed to allow people living in remote communities to access treatment that is closest to them regardless of state border issues
  6. That people providing cancer care receive specific education

Download a copy of the summarised report (PDF 286KB).