CanNET National Program Evaluation

A National Support and Evaluation Service has been established as part of CanNET to ensure consistency, reduce duplication and facilitate a national approach to network development and to conduct an evaluation that will further build upon the evidence-base for cancer service networks in Australia.

A national evaluation framework has been adopted, which aims to measure the performance and impact of CanNET on:

  • consumers (patients, families, care givers, friends, communities);
  • providers (professionals, volunteers, organisations); and
  • the system (structures and processes, networks, relationships).  

CanNET Phase 2 Evaluation (2009-2012)

In October 2010, all jurisdictions came to agreement on the second phase National CanNET Evaluation Framework. 

CanNET Phase 1 Evaluation (2007-2009)

In August 2009, the national evaluation of the first phase of CanNET was completed.

A suite of evaluation tools were developed as part of the national CanNET Evaluation to assess the outcomes and impact of the first phase of the CanNET program.

The following evaluation tools were used at both the commencement and completion of the first phase of the CanNET program:

The following evaluation tools were used at the completion of the first phase of the CanNET program: