Cancer Australia, in partnership with all the states and territories, has developed the Cancer Service Networks National Program, (CanNET) to better link regional and metropolitan cancer services. CanNET has improved access to quality, clinically-effective cancer services throughout Australia.

In the 2009-10 Federal Budget, the Australian Government made a commitment to fund the CanNET program until 2012 to ensure that the outcomes and achievements of the first phase of CanNET are sustained and embedded into standard practice.

In early 2007, the first phase of CanNET was established, with Cancer Australia providing seed funding to each state and the Northern Territory (NT) to develop seven cancer service networks. The outcomes and achievements of the first stage is documented in the CanNET National Evaluation.

Cancer Australia continues to work in partnership with all states and the Northern Territory to support, embed and sustain the cancer service networks established in those jurisdictions during the first phase of CanNET.  In addition, Cancer Australia has partnered with the Capital Region Cancer Service to establish an eighth cancer service network, in the Australian Capital Territory. 

Several of the ongoing CanNET projects will undertake specific projects aimed at improving access to cancer services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.