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Multidisciplinary care reports

The following initiatives were undertaken to increase understanding of the barriers, enablers and processes involved in setting up and running a multidisciplinary team for cancer care.

The following initiatives were undertaken by National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre*:

  • Multidisciplinary cancer care in Australia: a national audit (FULL)
    Publication date: 2008
    Full report on the audit of multidisciplinary cancer care in Australia. The audit identifies impediments to the national uptake of multidisciplinary care for cancer treatment planning and makes recommendations to improve the uptake and implementation of multidisciplinary cancer care. The full report includes the detailed methodology and results of the audit.
  • Multidisciplinary care – what are the medico-legal implications?
    Publication date: November 2007
    A report on a plenary symposium held at the 34th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia in November 2007 to provide an opportunity for broader dissemination of consensus recommendations about the medico-legal implications of a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care made at a workshop in 2007.
  • Making multidisciplinary cancer care a reality: forum series report and recommendations
    Publication date: July 2006
    A report highlighting outcomes and recommendations from the 2005 national forum series Making multidisciplinary cancer care a reality. The report identifies innovative solutions to some of the common barriers to the implementation of multidisciplinary cancer care and provides both national recommendations and local implementation strategies to improve the uptake of multidisciplinary care.
  • What is multidisciplinary care?
    Publication date: 2005
    A 4-page summary brochure summarising outcomes and recommendations arising from National Breast Cancer Centre’s** National Multidisciplinary Care Demonstration Project, Observational Study and Sustainability Study.
  • Sustainability of multidisciplinary cancer care
    Publication date: January 2005
    A report summarising outcomes from a follow-up study to the National Multidisciplinary Care Demonstration Project, reporting on the sustainability of strategies implemented during the project.

** In February 2008, National Breast Cancer Centre (NBCC), incorporating the Ovarian Cancer Program, changed its name to National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC). In July 2011, NBOCC amalgamated with Cancer Australia to form a single national agency, Cancer Australia, to provide leadership in cancer control and improve outcomes for Australians affected by cancer.