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Secondary breast cancer

Secondary breast cancer includes locally advanced breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer.

Locally advanced breast cancer is defined by the presence of a tumour that has one of the following characteristics: ‘peau d’orange’, skin ulceration, or fixation to the underlying intercostal or serratus anterior muscles or bones of the chest wall or inflammatory carcinoma. Breast cancer that has spread to distant sites is referred to as metastatic breast cancer.

The below guidelines for the management of advanced breast cancer, and associated topic-specific guideline updates, are designed to assist in decision making by women and their doctors.

Clinical practice guidelines

Publication date: January 2001

Publication date: 2003

Publication date: May 2014


The following topic-specific guideline updates either replace or supplement chapters in the 2001 Clinical practice guidelines for the management of advanced breast cancer.

Please note: these topic-specific guidelines are now available as online guidelines. Printed versions are still available while stocks last (except for the Chemotherapy and Bisphosphonates guidelines).

Topic specific guidelines