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How to access palliative care

A woman with metastatic breast cancer can ask her doctor for a referral to a specialist palliative care service at any point after a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Palliative care may be particularly helpful for women who decide they no longer wish to have active treatment to control their cancer. However, women who are relatively well and continuing to receive active treatment may also benefit from making contact with a specialist palliative care service, particularly for women experiencing symptoms that are difficult to control. Finding the words – starting a conversation when your cancer has progressed is a resource that was developed to help women with metastatic breast or ovarian cancer talk about how palliative care might help them to live as well as possible when cancer has spread.

Where is palliative care provided?

Palliative care can be provided in a hospital or hospice or on an out-patient basis through a clinic or at home.

More information

Palliative Care Australia has a directory of palliative care services in Australia as well as a list of organisations in each State and Territory who can provide more information about palliative care.