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Is what you’re feeling normal?

Is what you’re feeling normal? You don’t have to pretend everything’s OK. It isn’t.The woman you love has been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness.

She may need to have a breast removed. She may be sick for a long time. She might be ashamed of her body. She may not be able to live the life she once did. You will have to fill some new roles to compensate. You may have to take on more responsibility at home. You will have to fit visits to hospital and doctor around your schedule.

The control you might have thought you had over your life has vanished. It’s hardly surprising therefore that most men in this situation struggle to come to terms with their new situation. If you’re struggling, you’re normal.

You probably don’t really know what you are up against. Or whether you’ll be able to cope. Acknowledge these feelings, and decide to work on understanding them, communicating them, and gradually getting them under control.

You owe it to yourself, and to the woman you love to do so. If you’re an emotional mess you can’t support the woman you love the way you want to, or in the way she needs you to.